Wednesday, August 17, 2005

the CakeLove Controversy

to Cake Love or not to Cake Love?

made from real vanilla extract and refrigerated overnight so that "the flavors in our premium ingredients have had a chance to marry overnight."

now that's love--allowing your cakes a romantic night of refrigeration? the Warren Brown start-up story is another reason to fall absolutely in love with the place. forget litigating health care fraud on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services, i'm going to make cake.

and Warren did, and he did it right. with only three years under his belt, he stole the hearts of everyone from Oprah to Ann Curry, and now the Food Network, who gave him a 13-episode series, "Sugar Rush." the U Street neighborhood is becoming more of a trend hub everyday because of places like this.

Cake Love is one of those places you want to love so bad, but just can't. i love the backstory, but twice I have left unloving the dried-out baked goods. the first time i splurged on a three-dollar Amaretto cupcake and after a few short bites, was begging for a glass of milk to lubricate the pastry. gave them another try with a slice of the five-dollar Strawberries & Creme layered cake (a best-seller), but again left wishing the three layers were actually "fluffy," like the description claimed.

from People Magazine to the Washingtonian, Cake Love always sparkles in magazine reviews. with bloggers, the opinions fluctuate a bit more-- DC Füd is a big fan. DCist and Don Rockwell-- not so much.

According to the DCist article.. "Frequent complaints we've heard from friends range from cake that is far too dry, icing that is the equivalent of a slab of butter with a consistency that's far too thick, generally overpriced products, and reports of gastrointestinal distress from even the smallest amounts of confection."

the ambiance is great, the charm, abounding. but in terms of the dryness factor, i think it was said best by Tom Sietsema this morning on his Ask Tom chat.


Cake Love: Hey Tom: what's your take on the offerings at Cakelove, the bakery shop?
I'm moving to downtown Silver Spring, where one is opening soon.

Tom Sietsema: I have yet to taste a slice of cake from there that isn't dry, frankly. The sweets need work.

Petworth, Washington, DC: RE: Cake love Thank you for confirming my opinion of cake love's dry cake! All my friends rave about it. Whew! thanks
And I always sit next to my wife when I have a chance at a restaurant. That poster must just be jealous!

Tom Sietsema: LOL

get a free Cake Love cupcake with the purchase of a smoothie at the U Street Shopper Social, which is held on the third Thursday of every month from 5-8 pm.

or, save the three bucks and try your hand at the DCist's version of Cake Love's Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Meringue Buttercream Frosting.


Cake Love is located at 1506 U Street, NW, across from Meeps vintage.


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Very cool blog; nice photos, and maps and love your "ette" write up. Clever and smart. Good luck with this.


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