Saturday, August 20, 2005

hitting the books..

greetings from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! like dcfüd's Zoe, i am off in some faraway place getting food poisoning... a perfect time to satiate my end-of-the-summer reading appetite.

make way for the first-ever book on food blogs! be sure to order your copy through Press for Change Publishing, a publishing company with products "about making a change or a difference." Digital Dish is their first book release.

"Food Blogs might have been a little niche phenomenon over a year ago but they are now a full fledged part of gastronomic sources on the web. They (we) have been in newspapers, magazines even TV in the past year."
-according to Il Forno

after taking a Smithsonian Food Writing course from Dianne Jacob a month ago, i was left absolutely inspired to turn my crush on cuisine into something meaningful. her knack for organizing details and expressing taste bud impulses had me invigorated to brainstorm the whole metro ride home (on the backs of ticket stubs, receipts, napkins..) much of the kitchenette's creation is in response to Dianne's sound advice and confidence-building.

"Dianne's book -- a guide, really -- is easy to use, much like the Complete Idiot’s Guide books published by Penguin Group, taking readers through all the different kinds of food writing that exist: restaurant reviewing, recipe writing, memoirs and other non-fiction food writing, and fiction writing. There are plenty of writing exercises, how-to lists for reviewing restaurants, and even guidelines for chefs who plan to work with writers on cookbooks."
-according to


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