Monday, August 15, 2005

where-they-eat: PULP cashier

putting the stir in oyster..

this where-they-eat series will highlight the cuisine preferences of washingtonian icons that the kitchenette is proud to call her friend.

to start off, this entry will showcase the friendly man who rang up my sushi how-to book, the latest squibnocket greeting card (a must) and green tea blotting pads at PULP in logan circle.

PULP--at the heart of inspirational greeting cards, off-the-wall magnets, honeysuckle candles and offbeat party favors. it screams imagination, laughs, color and spunk everywhere you turn.

why not ask their casheir where he eats?

"you have to try this new oyster bar..HANKS Oyster Bar in Dupont Circle.. just opened this summer over on 17th and Q's filled out-the-door every night.. almost impossible to get a table without reservations."

since i was in Logan Circle, conveniently the backyard of Dupont, i figured, why not take a peek.

at about 6:30 p.m. on a Wednesday night, the place was already a bit hoppin' but not quite at out-the-door intensity just yet. a couple of wooden tables inside were still available, but filling up quickly. faded brick walls and a chalkboard-style menu (featuring the seafood specials of the week) make for a welcoming ambiance. a horizontal "Oysters Here" sign with a big hand pointing downwards was the only wall hanging.

one couple sat outdoors on the patio, escaping the almost-too-loud energetic buzz inside, quietly sipping away at glasses of red wine, soaking in the sedated yet still lively ambiance of the Logan periphery at dusk.

for me, there was no time for the aphrodasic crustaceans tonight, but ironically enough, it wasn't until my exit that i truly realized how charming this place was.

three trees facing HANKS were nestled in dirt patches disguised by a blanket of milky white seashells--clearly the closest thing 17th Street gets to oceanfront property.

immediately i wanted to escape to a sandy shore and beachcomb the coastline for seashells, sand dollars and starfish.

but for now, this was the closest i would get.

call me a sucker for the little things, but this understated seashell touch was enough to have me dazzled and convinced that returning to HANKS for oysters was a must.. that is, with a reservation of course.

HANKS Oyster Bar is located at 1624 Q St. NW, a few blocks away from Dupont Circle, and is closed on Tuesdays. For reservations, call 202.462.4265.

PULP logan circle is located at: 1803 14th Street NW.
PULP on the Hill is located at: 303 Pennsylvania Ave SE .


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