Wednesday, September 28, 2005

in the mags: martinis

Step aside Washingtonian..check out what your little brothers and sisters have to say about grown-up drinks.

We've read the papers—Roberts was sworn in and DeLay indicted, now let's get to the real juice: martinis. The District welcomes three new lifestyle magazines and each has their own take on the city's best martini.

Capitol File, the "fattest and glossiest" of the new mags (and notorious for its excessive but gorgeous ads) features local bartender Derek Brown and his favorite cocktail, the Old Thyme Martini. I searched high and low for a recipe online and finally, after spending a bit of thyme and energy, grabbed ahold of this one.

DC Style— the prudish one that refuses to run any negative restaurant reviews— highlights the almost-martini cocktail at Taberna del Alabardero, a rum drink called the Sangritini. Side note, DC Style's online dining guide is weak with restaurant reviews only a few sentences long and coverage sticking to the bland basics, like location and ethnicity. However! the Mie N Yu review offers a Style Club perk (the mag's twenty buck membership deal which includes a one-year subscription and "exclusive" invites to the area's "most fashionable establishments"): Mie N Yu created the "Social Butterfly" martini exclusively for Style Club members. The fusion combines Strawberry & Rhubarb-infused vodka with fruit juices and sparkly wine, at only $8! (Their normal martinis run from $12-14). Sadly, I was seduced by the bio of the Indian Rose ($12) once, "as delicate as the treasured roses of Mughal Garden in India." I'd like to call myself a fan of gin, apricot brandy and rose water (and treasured Indian roses), but the tri-combo, absolute ick.

And lastly, DC, the most superficial and least publicized of them all, offers nothing substantive just substance-abusing DC socialite buzz, along with bartender Michael Brown's tini choice —the Ritz's signature Fahrenheit Five Martini.

martini preferences based on the Post's report by Peter Carlson.


At 6:15 AM, Blogger Lonnie Bruner said...

The best martini I've ever had is in my own kitchen. Most of the places I've been do it wrong. That's because a real martini is just gin, vermouth, a dash oforange bitters and an olive. Add anything more, and it's not a martini.


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