Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Thomas Sweet Jumps on the Bandwagon!

I think I'm hearing things...
Did Someone Say Pumpkin? Part III.

It was nearing 11PM last night when I knew I had to fulfill a Thomas Sweet blend-in craving. Still dazed from a miderm induced all-nighter, it was time to reward myself.
Ran down P Street and made it through the closing T. Sweet doors with just enough time to be characteristically indecisive. Feeling indulgent, I knew it wasn't a froyo night, so that saved some time. I began to shop the chalkboard for sampling options when suddenly...
A new flavor popped out at me.. new as in, you were not here last week.
Did someone say..
Yes, finally, Thomas Sweet did say Pumpkin.
Last week after reviewing Max's, I felt embarrassed for T.Sweet. An ice-cream shop without a seasonal flavor that defines the season? Maybe I'm just a pumpkin zealot, but c'mon. Seriously, Thomas, c'mon.
To make for an anti-climactic ending, they were all out. But you bet I made the lady scrape up what was left to muster a heaping sample.
Verdict: authentic. Almost tasted like pumpkin puree straight from the can, but better. I liked it. The only real issue-- there wasn't enough of it. She promised they would have more tomorrow, but my advice is to get there early. They're running out fast.
My night didn't end up too bad-- settled for a Cinnamon and Swiss Chocolate Blend-In with M&M's, and took it on a midnight stroll to Dupont. Tragically, I was finished before 29th street..

Check out this list of pumpkin patches in the nearby burbs.

The theme of the recent Iron Chef America was PUMPKIN. A panel of judges had a very tough decision to make, tasting a pumpkin ravioli with lobster and fall mushrooms from 1789's Chef Ris Lacoste; Signature's Chef Morou's pumpkin and lobster tea with pumpkin beignet, pumpkin sour cream and caviar, and pumpkin soup 'cappuccino' with rabbit sausage and amaretto; grandma's pumpkin gnocchi with truffled fontina cheese sauce; and strudel Tosca with pumpkin, apples, pine nuts and chestnut croccante cream from Ristorante Tosca's Chef Cesare Lanfranconi.

The winner was...(drum roll please) Chef Morou!

Did Someone Say Pumpkin? Part II
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If you find any pumpkin-flavored anythings floating around on menus in Washington, please report it here! Calling all pumpkin dishes, reveal yourself to The Kitchenette!


At 7:12 PM, Blogger the kitchenette said...

I had it tonight with the cinnamon and the two sorta lost themselves in one another, but nonetheless, worth the wait. This skip-the-froyo trend is becoming dangerous.


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