Monday, March 13, 2006

Note to Dazed and Confused Readers

You know it's been too long when you almost forget your Blogspot username and password. Wow, unacceptable. Apologies for the late notice but I've been 4,286 miles away the last two months. Let's just say not a Foggy Bottom metro stop or Chipotle in sight. I'll give you a few hints --the new city rhymes with "blog" and if I go a day without cabbage, I get scared. Make that cabbage, goulash or knedliky. Very scared. The language has no sympathy for vowels and instead of a Starbucks on every corner, there's just a cup of fresh-roasted graffiti. Consult your map and find that fuzzy middle part of Europe. See that heart beating in the dead center?

Her nickname is "the Golden City." But she also goes by Prague.

The city has become my arctic playground--a labyrinth of spires and hidden teahouses, where tap water in restaurants is about as unheard of as skim milk. Bars are just as much smoky pubs as they are salon-style coffeehouses for Czech intellectuals to discuss how much they resent Kundera. The Kitchenette has not passed away though, and still up to her usual explorations, just taking a Prague-ternity leave. She will return to O Street and 35th with a belly full of bread dumplings and tales of the Communism museum the end of May, but until then, stay tuned for her current project: The Praha Toilette. A glimpse at the bathroom doors in "the Left Bank of the Nineties."